The Queen of clarity

My clients have awarded me with the name “The Queen of Clarity” because I’m very good at looking at a problem and being able to quickly ascertain where the issue / blockage is.  I’ve seen time and time again the impact that having clarity can have.

What has qualified me with this title?

I have two coaching diplomas and am a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner.  

It feels as though I’ve got a PhD in the University of Life.   I believe there’s a lot to be learnt from life’s different experiences.

I have over a decade or formal coaching experience.  But I have memories of coaching people from the age of 6, albeit I didn’t realise it at the time

I launched my business as a single mum working academic hours in 2012 mid recession, still recovering from a major injury having just moved to a county I hadn’t lived in for the previous 20 years.  I was told I should just get a job, but I was determined to succeed.

I absolutely LOVE the diversity of people I can reach and work with, from Leaders and their teams in the corporate world, to other women in business or people need to figure out their next career move.

So you could say I have a kaleidoscope of tools and experience

I’d like to share with you feedback from the people I’ve worked with and who have experienced that clarity, because, it’s the results I get that are most important to me.     

I love to see people’s eye sparkle again.

I love life’s simple pleasures: Coffee, Chocolate, Books, Stationery, Nature, Meals with Family, Fun with Friends

I’m passionate about wellbeing, mental health, and love to support the Cheshire Without Abuse Charity

Debbie is Unique

Debbie’s unique and priceless git is her ability to understand a person’s situation and emotional state.  This includes all hesitations and doubts, the person’s passions and strengths. 

“You said try” –  Are you going try and are you going to do it?”

She identifies whether they are being true to themselves and whether what they say and do actually match up or are at odds with their real desires.

She get’s right to the core of her client’s situation, helps them recognise this through powerful questioning.

She supports her clients to develop a fresh and positive mental state and constructive steps to reach where they want to be.

Debbie loves supporting her client’s passion and determination to start on their right path and stick to it through all the disruptions that come along

What shines within her personality is an exceptional determination to create better circumstances for herself, her family, her close friends and clients

Debbie solves the  problems of confusion, of doubt or lack of confidence

She helps them develop their own inner strength and determination to succeed

They recognise very happily and speedily that she sparks their won (maybe hidden) passion for their task / job/ career / next steps or even a life changing decision.